What Items Does Murray McMurray Hatchery Sell?

What Items Does Murray McMurray Hatchery Sell?

The Murray McMurray hatchery is a rare breed poultry farm that sells baby chicks, waterfowl and juvenile birds. It also sells equipment, supplies, feed and poultry-related books and videos.

The company has a minimum order of 25 chicks and sells a full line of chicken breeds such as Rhode Island reds, black star, pearl white leg-horns and red stars. McMurrayHatchery.com also features a section on rare and unusual chicken breeds that include buttercups, cuckoo marans, red caps and silver grey dorkings.

Visitors to McMurrayHatchery.com can sign up for a monthly newsletter and access information and instructional videos on the care of baby chicks, ducks and geese. The website hosts the McMurray blog which contains articles on worming chickens, how to tell which hens are laying and a guide to the best laying hens. Site visitors can view an extensive photo gallery and browse through a huge assortment of related books. A catalog is available to order or access online.

Additionally, McMurray Hatchery offers an extensive variety of other types of juvenile birds. Available birds include quail and partridge, pheasant, peafowl, cranes, and ringed-teal and pin-tail ducks. The company also sells hatching eggs.

Consumers can find reviews of McMurray Hatchery at DavesGarden.com. Customers throughout the United States who have purchased birds post the reviews.