What Items Are Most Important for Taking Care of a Puppy?


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To take care of a puppy, the most basic supplies are a food and water bowl, a leash and collar, food, and identification. Other items, including a dog bed, toys, grooming supplies, and a means of containment, are important but not imperative for immediate use.

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It is vital to have a collar and leash for the day that the puppy comes home. While the collar plays host to the identification tag and license, the leash prevents it from escaping during transport. There should be enough room for two fingers to fit between the collar and the dog's neck so that the collar is snug but not restrictive. As the puppy grows, larger collars become necessary. Until a puppy becomes comfortable following orders, a 4-foot leash with a hand loop is appropriate.

Crates and confinement spaces are important for monitoring the puppy and house training. Be sure that the dog can stand up, turn around, stretch and lie down in the crate. Lightweight plastic and fiberglass crates offer more safety and security while traveling or driving, whereas stainless steel crates are longer-lasting.

While the puppy sleeps in a crate, a fleece or sheepskin-covered bed is appropriate. Once house training is complete, choose from dog-sized couches, pillows, cushions and air mattresses.

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