What Are Some Italian Greyhound Rescue Organizations in Florida?


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Italian Greyhound Rescue Florida rescues and adopts out Greyhounds across the entire state of Florida. You can also view Italian Greyhounds looking for homes at ItalianGreyhound.Rescueme.org and PetFinder.org.

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Italian Greyhound Rescue Florida is part of the Italian Greyhound Club of America, which rescues Greyhounds in need across the United States. Non-profit organizations in different states are responsible for transporting, caring for and finding homes for the Greyhounds that the IGCA takes in. RescueMe.org is a search engine that allows users to browse adoptable animals across the country and filter searches by breed and location. PetFinder.org is similar to RescueMe.org, but animal shelters are not always registered to both sites, so the sites may show different results. Listings and availability are not always current, depending on how often a particular shelter updates its listings. A city or county animal shelter in any part of Florida can provide a list of breeds currently available for adoption, and these shelters can often provide information for more specialized rescues. Many of these groups are in desperate need of foster homes for animals. Foster "parents" of rescued dogs provide temporary homes and care for dogs until they can be placed in permanent homes. Adoption fees and applications differ between organizations.

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