What Are Some Italian Dog Names?

italian-dog-names Credit: Ed Norton/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Some Italian dog names are food references, such as Farfalle, Noodle, Garlic and Pesto. Others nod to Italian geography, like Florence and Genoa. Some pet owners may even wish to give their dogs popular Italian names used for people, such as Lucca or Lorenzo.

Providing a dog with an Italian name can help ensure that its moniker is unique, making it easier to distinguish the dog in a crowd or during an emergency. It is unlikely for another dog in the neighborhood to bear the names Guillermo, Faustino or Milagros. On the other hand, some Italian names, such as Cesar and Bella, are very popular for dogs.

Although Italian dog names are especially fitting for Italian breeds, such as the Abruzzese Mastiff or the Italian Greyhound, Italian names can work well for any breed. Giuseppe is a name full-bodied enough to suit an English Bulldog, while Trevi or Primo are fitting for a Pomeranian dog.

When searching for an Italian dog name, it is also helpful to research the meaning of the name. An alternative to the traditional name Lucky is Benedicto, which means blessed. Maximo, a word that means greatest, is a possible name for a large or an especially impressive dog.