What Is an Irish Wolfhound Mix?


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An Irish wolfhound mix is a cross between an Irish wolfhound an another breed of dog. Throughout its history, the Irish wolfhound has been crossed with other breeds to replenish its stock, such as the Tibetan mastiff, the borzoi and the great Dane.

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What Is an Irish Wolfhound Mix?
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The characteristics of a cross between an Irish wolfhound and another breed would be difficult to predict, as the offspring would have a wide spectrum of traits to inherit. Researching the physical and personality traits of both breeds would be recommended to gain a better insight into a prospective hybrid.

The Irish wolfhound is among the largest of all dog breeds, standing over 32 inches at the shoulder and weighing up to 180 pounds. This breed's personality is described as gentle, intelligent and placid. The Irish wolfhound does best indoors, despite its great size, due to its affinity for people.

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