What Are Some Irish Names for Dogs?


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Some good Irish dog names include Archu, Banya, Brogan, Dorrie and Larkin. Irish names often carry rich meanings to describe a wide variety of dogs. A dog owner can choose a name that best represents a dog's personality or one that espouses desired characteristics.

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Ireland has nine native dog breeds, including the Irish Wolfhound, the Irish Red Setter, the Kerry Blue and Irish Glen of Amaal Terrier. The indigent circumstances in which the Irish often found themselves throughout early history did not lend a very hospitable environment for raising dogs. As a result, any dogs had to be extremely hardy and useful to humans to survive and to be adopted by a family.

The Irish dogs of the past exhibited skill at hunting, herding and guarding, in addition to being easy to care for. Owners of the 21st century who want to be reminded of their dogs' practical abilities might choose names such as Brady, Sloan and Keegan, which mean "spirited," "fighter" and "little fiery one," respectively. If they'd rather not have a name with such rambunctious connotations, they might prefer something such as Colleen, Catcheen or Devnet, which mean "little girl," "kitten" and "fawn," respectively. Owners should keep in mind that dogs can have the same names as people and there are no concrete rules.

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