What Is Involved in Adopting a Border Collie?


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Adopting a border collie typically involves finding a suitable dog at a rescue or shelter, filling out an application and interviewing with the rescue to make sure the dog is a good fit for the home. The details may vary somewhat depending on the rescue's requirements.

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What Is Involved in Adopting a Border Collie?
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Many border collie rescues have thorough interview processes and strict requirements, because border collies can be difficult dogs due to their high energy levels. Border collies can also be found in municipal shelters that may have less stringent requirements, but it may take longer to find a border collie in those shelters.

Most border collie rescues allow potential adopters to fill out an application online or send it by email. The rescue then reviews the application and decides whether or not to move forward. The next step is generally an interview and home visit. These may occur at the same time, or the rescue may schedule a phone or in-person interview prior to the home visit. If all of that goes well, the rescue may suggest suitable dogs that they currently have available, or they may ask the adopter to wait until a good match arrives. When the right dog arrives, the adopter typically pays an adoption fee and takes the dog home.

Once the border collie is home, the adopter needs to be prepared to provide plenty of exercise and play. Border collies are smart and trainable but often get in trouble if they are not exercised enough.

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