What Is the International Buckskin Horse Association?

What Is the International Buckskin Horse Association?

The International Buckskin Horse Association is a registry of buckskin, dun, red dun and grulla-colored horses. The IBHA preserves pedigrees and promotes activities with these horses. IBHA incorporated in 1971 in Indiana.

IBHA recognizes five coat colors. The organization describes a true buckskin as the color of deer hide, varying from yellow to dark gold, with black points, including the mane, tail and legs. Buckskin coats do not have any smuttiness. Dun is a duller version of buckskin and may have some smuttiness. Dun horses also have "dun factor," which includes dark brown or black dorsal stripes, leg barring or shoulder stripes.

Red dun horses range in color from peach to rich red with darker red or chestnut points, including a definite dorsal stripe. Brindle dun horses have stripes over their body's barrel and most of the dun factor characteristics. The stripes may appear like tear drops or zebra stripes, and IBHA classifies them as dun on their Certificates of Registration.

Grulla-colored horses may be slate, dove, mouse or blue-colored with sepia or black points, including dorsal stripes, leg barring and shoulder stripes. They do not have any white hairs mixed with their body hairs.

IBHA does not register horses with albino, roan, Paint, Pinto or Appaloosa characteristics. The organization also does not register Palominos with dorsal stripes, lineback sorrels, chestnuts, grays or bays. Mature horses must be over 14 hands tall unless eligible for the miniature division.