What Are Some Interesting Facts About Zebras?


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Zebras, which are characterized by their black and white coats, can reach up to nearly 1,000 pounds. They live exclusively in Africa in the wild. There are only four species of zebras: Grevy's zebra, Hartmann's zebra, mountain zebra and plains zebra. Each species has distinctive features.

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What Are Some Interesting Facts About Zebras?
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A zebra's coat is one of its most distinct features. Its coat is plain white with black stripes that are completely unique to each species. For instance, the plains zebra has shadow stripes alongside the black ones. These shadow stripes are brownish and help the animal blend in with its environment. The mountain zebra boasts both horizontal and vertical stripes while the stripes on a Grevy's zebra are thin. Each individual zebra has stripes unique to that zebra.

Zebras live in family groups or herds headed by a single male or stallion. The other members of the herd include mares and foals. The Grevy's zebra is the only species that doesn't congregate in herds. Grevy's zebra stallions live alone in specific territories. The mares come to them to breed, then leave with their offspring. It takes between 12 and 14 months for a mare to give birth. The resulting foal matures after three to six years and lives up to 25 years.

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