What Are Some Interesting Facts About the Ulysses Butterfly?

The metallic blue Ulysses butterfly (male) is not only colorful itself, but it is also attracted to blue objects. The insect is known as the "Mountain Blue" of Australia's Northern Territory.

The Ulysses butterfly lives primarily in the rain forests of North Queensland in Australia, in various parts of Indonesia and in the Solomon Islands. Like many members of the animal kingdom, the male is more brightly colored than the female, whose duller colors are believed to protect her from attracting predators.

The Ulysses is one of the larger butterflies, with a typical wingspan of roughly 5 inches. These butterflies live on a diet of nectar, pollen and flowers, and their greatest enemies are birds, snakes and frogs. Chemical sprays used by humans are also a threat to the Ulysses butterfly as well as other butterflies.

In Australia, the Ulysses butterfly is a protected animal. A license is required to keep, breed, buy, sell or dispose of one.