What Are Some Interesting Facts About Turtles?

Turtles are weird, oval-shaped, egg-laying reptiles that have a hard protective shell on their back. Their bald heads make them look like old wise men, their movement is incredibly slow, they appear wrinkly with their scaly body and some can even swim.

Apart from the usual features and characteristics of a turtle that are easy to identify under the sun, there are other interesting facts about turtles that make them unique creatures. Most of the species can hide their heads under their hard shells, a common fact known about turtles. However, not all can do this, like the sea turtle. The turtle shell is made up of three main parts that make it strong: the carapace, the upper piece, and the plastron, the bottom part and the bridge which fuses the two parts together. The inner layer is made up of up to 60 bones, including the backbone, the ribs and the breastbone.

As turtles grow, they don’t look for bigger shells as they are attached to the turtle’s body from birth. The shell grows bigger as the turtle grows. Although most people are used to seeing black, brown or olive-green shells, some turtle species have shells with visible shades of grey, yellow, orange or red. Although turtles have existed or over 215 million years, many species are endangered.