What Are Some Interesting Facts About Tiger Sharks?


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Tiger sharks enjoy warm water. Most live in the Atlantic ocean, but some can be found off the coasts of Hawaii, Japan and New Zealand. As the fourth largest shark in the world, tiger sharks regularly inhabit wide open spaces. Aside from great white sharks, tiger sharks are responsible for the most recorded shark attacks on humans. They are very aggressive and attack for food or if they feel threatened.

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Tiger sharks usually live alone. Their keen eyesight allows them to hunt at night, and their blue or green color helps them to blend with the water, offering camouflage. Tiger sharks eat virtually anything that comes their way. According to Sharks-World, tiger sharks have been found with foreign objects, such as boat pieces, jewelry, clothing, books, tires and more, in their stomachs. They usually prey on other sharks, fish and small ocean-dwelling animals.

The average length of the tiger shark is 12 feet, although they can grow to be up to 20 feet long, and they can weigh up to approximately 1,400 pounds. Their dorsal fins are very close to their tail, and each individual tiger shark has uniquely sized, patterned and colored stripes. Female tiger sharks can give birth to as many as 80 live pups at a time. From the moment a tiger shark is born, it is on its own.

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