What Are Some Interesting Tiger Facts for Kids?


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Tigers are the largest species of the cat family. These jungle felines can weigh up to 660 pounds and reach up to 11 feet long.

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Tigers are carnivores, and their physical structure makes them excellent hunters. These cats are patient and quiet, and their unique fur pattern allows them to blend into the grassy surroundings of their environment and remain unseen by prey. Their beautiful coat consists of black, white and orange stripe patterns. Tigers have large paws, strong jaws and robust teeth to help them catch their food. Tigers usually eat animals such as deer, pigs and sometimes small elephants, hunting alone during the night.

Tigers tend to have litters of two or three cubs, but only half of the litter usually lives past 2 years of age. After this period, tiger cubs leave their mothers. Tigers are great swimmers and can jump up to 16 feet in distance. The Siberian tiger and the Bengal tiger are two common subspecies of this jungle cat, and most subspecies are either endangered or already extinct due to hunting. Humans hunt tigers for profit by taking their valuable fur and other body parts. Destruction of their habitats is another reason that tigers are an endangered species.

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