What Are Some Interesting Facts About Spider Monkeys?


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Spider monkeys inhabit the evergreen forests of Central and South America. They are covered with hair everywhere except for their face and a tiny patch of skin at the end of their tails. This patch of skin allows them to maintain a strong grip on branches as they swing through trees with ease. They sleep in the trees at night, eating leaves, nuts, fruits and roots during the day.

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The name spider monkey is derived from the way the monkey looks like a spider as it hangs from a tree by its tail. These monkeys live an average of 22 years in the wild, reaching a height of anywhere from 14 to 26 inches. They are social creatures, preferring to live in large groups called troops. Infants live with their mother until they are two years old. The females tend to remain in a troop with the mother after adulthood while the males tend to venture away to other troops.

Communication between spider monkeys can be very noisy, with calls, screeches and barks being the preferred method of interaction. The monkeys generally split off into smaller groups at night and while hunting, with most hunting done early in the day. Besides the staple diet of plant material, spider monkeys are also known to eat birds eggs and spiders.

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