What Are Some Interesting Facts About Robins?


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American Robins, Turdus Migratorius, are the largest birds in the thrush family and live throughout North America. They measure an average of 10 inches with a 12-15 inch wingspan and weigh around three ounces. They are typically grey with an orange underpart and dark-colored heads.

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Robins usually spend the whole winter in their breeding ranges, depending on food availability. They do most of their feeding on the ground, eating worms. They also eat fruit, insects and snails. On rare occasions, they eat small snakes.

Robins lay their eggs in nests built from dead grass or twigs, though they also use paper and feathers in their nests. Usually the nests are in the middle or top of the trees, although robins in the prairies build their nests on the ground or in bushes.

The eggs are a pale blue, and robins lay three or four of them at a time. Most robins die within their first year, but those that survive usually live to be about five or six.

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