What Are Some Interesting Facts About Quails?

One interesting fact about quails is that the term “quail” is not scientific. It is used to describe 31 species of bird within the family Odontophoridae as well as the 15 species within the family Phasianidae. Quails are small to medium-sized, ground-nesting birds. Those in the family Odontophoridae are called “new world quails,” while those in the family Phasianidae are called “old world quails.” Although both classifications share common ancestors and have similar appearances and lifestyles, they are not very closely related.

Quail chicks are precocial, meaning they mature rapidly and can usually feed themselves within a few days of hatching. Quail inhabit a variety of ecosystems, but they prefer areas with high grass or scrubby vegetation; however, exceptions exist as the Snow Mountain quail lives among the highest mountains of New Guinea.

Quails are omnivores; they consume a combination of plant- and animal-based foods. In addition to their staple diet of seeds, they also consume insects and fruit. While quail can fly, they spend a lot of their time on the ground and have adapted to this lifestyle. Often times, quail will run from danger before attempting to fly away. Most quail are adorned with stripes, bars or spots that help them to camouflage with their surroundings and avoid drawing the attention of predators.