What Are Some Interesting Polar Bear Facts for Kids?


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Polar bears live in the Arctic along the shores of cold water. Pregnant polar bears usually have three babies, which are called cubs. They give birth to their cubs in the spring in holes in the ground, which are called dens.

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What Are Some Interesting Polar Bear Facts for Kids?
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In the fall, a pregnant polar bear makes a den by digging a hole underneath a snow bank. The mom stays in this hole all winter until her babies are born. Polar bears are born on land, but they spend most of their time in the water.

Polar bears are carnivores, meaning they only eat meat. Their main source of food is seals. When polar bears are hungry, they stand on the ice and wait for seals to poke their head out of a breathing hole in the ice. Once a seal appears, the polar bear catches it. Sometimes polar bears swim under the ice to catch their food.

Polar bears live a very long time, usually 25 to 30 years. Polar bears are quite heavy, weighing more than a piano. When they are adults, they weigh between 900 and 1600 pounds. They are also very long, usually between 7 and 8 feet, which is much longer than most human beings.

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