What Are Some Interesting Facts About Owls for Kids?

interesting-owls-kids Credit: Mike/CC-BY 2.0

One interesting fact about owls is that they are birds of prey, which means they hunt other animals to eat. Their eyes are large and face forward, and their ears are asymmetrical, with one ear being slightly higher or larger than the other on the owl's head.

The positioning of their ears gives owls extremely sharp hearing, which is important because many owls hunt at night or under conditions where it is hard to see their prey. The tufts that some owls have on their heads have nothing to do with hearing, but their flat, round faces allow even the softest sounds to be directed toward their ears.

Owls can't turn their eyes the way humans can, but they can turn their heads as much as 270 degrees. It's not true that they can turn their heads 360 degrees around.

Like many birds of prey, female owls tend to be bigger and heavier than male owls. Their voices are also higher-pitched than those of the males.

The feathers of owls are soft and fringed, so they can fly nearly silently.

Owl feet are ideal for gripping both prey and the places where they roost. They have two toes pointing backwards and two pointing forwards and strong, sharp claws called talons.