What Are Some Interesting Facts About Otters?


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Sea otters are highly intelligent and are very playful. There are 13 unique species of otters found throughout the world, and evidence indicates that otters may have been on the planet for millions of years.

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One surprising fact about otters is that, unlike most other types of animals, they often use tools, such as rocks, glass soda bottles and cement blocks. The sea otter separates itself from other types of otters by catching food using its flexible fingers and hands to grab hold of prey. While the sea otter is the smallest marine mammal, it is nonetheless the heaviest of all the otter species.

Sea otters also stand out due to the fact that their teeth can bite through sea urchin spines or even open up a clam shell. According to Protect the Oceans, the sea otter eats roughly 25 percent of its body weight each day. Another fun sea otter fact is that they are the only marine mammal that does not have a layer of fat, or blubber.

Sea otters are found throughout the world with the lone exceptions of Antarctica and Australia. They typically gravitate towards cooler waters, although they do live in warmer water as well.

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