What are some interesting facts about lizards?


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As of 2015 there are over four thousand species of lizards inhabiting almost every continent and habitat on earth. Lizards belong to the class Reptilia and, like snakes, turtles and other members of this order, are cold-blooded and covered with scales. Lizards, like most other reptiles, lay eggs.

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What are some interesting facts about lizards?
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Lizards possess special sensory organs on the roof of their mouths that enable them to smell scents picked up by their tongues. Some lizards have eyelids to clean and protect their eyes, whereas others merely have a protective, clear membrane covering their eyes.

Lizards live in a wide variety of places and habitats. Some species, such as chameleons, live in trees and have prehensile tails for effectively moving about the branches. Some lizards live on the ground, and many species burrow or live in rock cavities. There are even some species that spend most of their time under the sea, such as the Marine Iguana.

Lizards eat a wide range of food items, depending on species. Items which may find themselves on a lizard's menu include insects, worms, other lizards, small mammals and fruit. A couple of species of lizards, such as the Gila monster and Mexican beaded lizard, are poisonous, and use their venomous bites to kill their prey.

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