What Are Some Interesting Facts About Jumping Spiders?


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Jumping spiders are members of the largest group of spiders, the Salticidae. There are over 5,000 species of jumping spiders, or salticids. They're found all over the world, save Antarctica.

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What Are Some Interesting Facts About Jumping Spiders?
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Jumping spiders have eight eyes like other spiders, but they have two enormous, front-facing eyes in their heads that make them recognizable. These eyes allow them to measure distances accurately, the better to leap on their prey. They may also contribute to the jumping spider's ability to perform complex courtship rituals.

Jumping spiders can jump nearly 50 times the length of their own bodies. They don't do this by flexing their leg muscles, but by increasing the blood pressure in their legs, which propels them forward.

Salticids are found in a variety of forms, though most are small. Many mimic ants or are camouflaged, the better to sneak up on potential prey. However, many jumping spiders come in vibrant and even iridescent colors, and this might be an advantage to a courting male. Some species even make sounds by rubbing the bristles of their legs together. This is called stridulation.

Jumping spiders also show maternal care. They protect their eggs and the spiderlings for a time, usually until their first molt.

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