What Are Some Interesting Iguana Facts?


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The green iguana is native to Central and South America. It can weigh up to 18 pounds and can be over 6 feet long. It is usually green or greenish-brown, though young lizards are bright green. Green iguanas eat leaves, flowers and fruit.

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What Are Some Interesting Iguana Facts?
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The iguana has large, round scales beneath its ear and spines on its back. It also has a dewlap, which also bears spines. The tail is long, tapered and sometimes striped. Iguanas live in trees, where they bask on branches that overhang water. If they're threatened, they can drop into the water and stay submerged for a long time. They're excellent swimmers.

The male iguana is larger than the female and is aggressive toward other males. After mating, the female lays up to 65 leathery eggs in a nest that may be used by other females. These hatch after about 90 days.

Another type of iguana is the desert iguana, which is found in the deserts of the American southwest and northern Mexico. It can tolerate heat up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and eats the leaves, buds and flowers of the creosote bush and other plants. It's much smaller than the green iguana and only grows to a bit over 1 foot long.

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