What are some interesting facts about giant squids?


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The giant squid, Architeuthis dux, is one of the largest invertebrates in the world. Giant squid reportedly attain sizes of nearly 60 feet, including both the body and tentacles.

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Giant squid are some of the most fascinating and mysterious marine animals. Their range is worldwide, but they are elusive, solitary animals that rarely survive capture and are difficult to observe in the wild. The giant squid has eyes the size of dinner plates – the largest eyes in the animal kingdom. Their large eyes are capable of detecting minute amounts of light, including the bioluminescence of deep-ocean animals.

Giant squid feed on deep-ocean fish and also other, smaller squid. The suckers on their feeding tentacles are serrated for grasping prey, which they kill and shred with a powerful beak and tongue. Sperm whales and sharks are known predators of adult giant squid. Like other cephalopods, giant squid have complex nervous systems and well-developed brains. Many cephalopods are capable of problem solving and can learn simple tasks such as opening jars to obtain food. Unfortunately, since observing giant squid proves difficult, little is known about their life cycle or conservation status. They likely play an important role in the food web of deep-ocean habitats.

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