What are some interesting facts about an Emerald Aguna?


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The Emerald Aguna, or Aguna Claxon, is a butterfly that belongs to the family Hesperiidae and the subfamily Pyrginae. Its habitat ranges from Colombia and Venezuela in South America to northern Mexico, including all of Central America.

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The Emerald Aguna feeds on flower nectar and has a wingspan of 3.8 to 4.5 centimeters. Although it is native to Central America, it can be seen on rare occasions in the most southern parts of the United States, particularly in the Rio Grande area of Texas. It has green coloring on the top of its body, and its wings are green and brown. The front wing has a white strip across its center on its top and bottom, while the back wing has a similar white-silver strip on its underside.

Like other butterflies, the Emerald Aguna begins its life cycle as a caterpillar before emerging as a butterfly after its cocoon stage. Relatively little is known about the specifics of its life habits, such as what plants the caterpillar treats as its host. However, it is believed to eat legumes, which include plants such as alfalfa, lentils, beans and peas. The Emerald Aguna is not thought to be endangered and enjoys a globally secure status, but it is quite rare on the outskirts of its habitat range.

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