What Are Some Interesting Facts About Cougars?


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An interesting fact about cougars is that they are the second largest cat in the New World, with the jaguar being the largest. Cougars can weigh up to 220 pounds. They are also the largest cat that purrs.

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What Are Some Interesting Facts About Cougars?
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Cougars have the widest habitat range of any other animal found in the Americas, with a habitat that stretches from the northern Canadian Yukon to the southern Peruvian Andes. They prefer dense brush and canyon regions but are also found in wetlands such as the Everglades and deserts. The cougar’s range reflects is keen ability to adapt to its environment.

Cougars are solitary hunters. Male cougars tolerate the presence of females during the breeding season, but forcibly eject other males from an established territory. Cougars are muscular apex predators with long and powerful hind legs. They have the ability to leap distances of 16 feet straight up and 45 feet across.

Cougars feed upon large prey animals such as deer and moose but are opportunistic hunters that also take smaller prey. They begin hunting when they are six months old. Males leave their mothers to establish a territory when they are about one-year-old. Females leave around the age of two.

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