What Are Some Interesting Facts About Bunnies?

Rabbits, or bunnies, have an impressive sense of vision and hearing, boast powerful hind legs and express joy. Despite their quiet natures, rabbits also make vocalizations, mostly in communication with each other.

Rabbits have impressive senses, such as vision. Their eyes, placed high up and to the sides of their heads, allow them to see in a nearly complete circle with only a small area right in front of their noses where they can't see. They can even view everything behind their heads. This, along with their keen sense of hearing and smell, help them to elude predators. They have particularly strong hind limbs that aid them in running and jumping.

Rabbits are social creatures that live in a series of underground tunnels called warrens. They communicate with each other in many ways, including grooming each other and humming to one another. They also express joy in an action called binky, a jumping and twisting motion they perform with their bodies while flicking their feet.

Although rabbits used to be considered rodents, experts have since reclassified them as lagomorphs, a group of burrowing animals. They range in size, with the smallest species only growing 8 inches long and the largest growing over 4 feet long. The jackrabbit is both one of the largest species and one of the fastest. It can reach a speed of 45 mph.