What Are Some Interesting Facts About Bobcats?


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Bobcats are member of the lynx family and are the most common type of wildcat in North America. They are able to live most types of ecosystems, including forests, deserts, mountains and plains.

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What Are Some Interesting Facts About Bobcats?
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Bobcats are carnivores and live mostly on a diet of hares and rabbits, but they are opportunistic predators and are willing to eat most types of meat including bats and rodents. Although they do not prey heavily on livestock, they sometimes attack lambs and poultry. They sometimes even hunt adult deer, although their small size makes them prefer smaller prey. Bobcats usually weigh less than 28 pounds.

Bobcats typically live a solitary life. Females usually have smaller territories of about five square miles, while males often range as many as 30 square miles. Males' territories sometimes overlap but females' never do. They typically only come together to mate, and then the female raises the kittens alone. They live in small dens such as caves, hollow logs or rock shelters. Some bobcats have multiple dens in their territories, but the auxiliary dens are usually less well-protected and the bobcat only uses them when traveling to the edges of its territory.

Bobcats once lived all over the United States, but as of 2015 they have been eradicated from parts of the Midwest and East Coast. This is largely due to humans overhunting them for their soft, beautiful fur.

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