What Are Some Instructions for Clipping a Dog's Nails?


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To clip your dog’s nails, choose either the right size of scissor- or guillotine-style nail clippers that you find comfortable to use, advises WebMD. Make sure your dog is also comfortable with having its feet touched by massaging its paws, and just clip one or two nails per day if it is the dog's first nail clipping. The exact method for clipping a dog’s nails depends on the tool you choose to use.

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Make your dog exercise so that he gets tired before clipping his nails, and gather your clipping tools and treats, instructs WebMD. Make sure that you also have styptic powder to aid you in the event of clipping too deeply into its nail into the area in the nail with blood vessels and nerves, known as the quick. Gently and firmly hold your dog’s toe, and cut the nail from the top down to the bottom a little at a time until you see the start of the nail-colored circle that indicates the quick is near the cut surface. Carefully cut each nail in this manner until you finish, and provide your dog with treats. Alternatively, you can also use an electric nail grinder to sand down the nail rather than clip it.

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