How Do You Install a Pet Door?


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A pet door needs to be measured and the outline marked on the house door before the hole is cut using a jigsaw so that the internal and external pet door frames can be fitted Installing a pet door requires intermediate carpentry skills but the task only requires tools that a typical handyman may already have, such as a drill and jigsaw. The pet door itself can be purchased from pet stores and are available in different makes and sizes.

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The following shows one method of installing a pet door:

  1. Take and mark measurements
  2. Make sure to have purchased the right pet door size for the house pet. Measure the pet and purchase a pet door that has an opening that is approximately 2 inches higher than the shoulder and 2 inches wider than the pet. The pet door may be supplied with a template and, if this is the case, mark the template on the door. Use a tape or a pencil to make the mark on the door, which should also be 3 inches off the floor. Make four "X" marks on the corners inside the outline.

  3. Drill holes
  4. Drill the four "X" marks with a half-inch drill. Follow up by drilling the manufacturer's recommended screw hole size for the pet door.

  5. Cut the hole
  6. Using a jigsaw, cut out the outline for the hole in the door.

  7. Install the pet door
  8. Screw in the external and internal frames of the pet door according to the instructions. Make sure that the pet door is securely fastened to the door.

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