How Do You Install Pasture Fencing?


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There are several different options and tools available for installing pasture fencing; however, all pasture fencing should be installed by first creating holes in the soil for the posts, placing the posts in the holes, and connecting the posts with wire, according to Kencove Farm Fence and Beef Magazine. Before these steps can be followed, the pasture owner must decide how far to space the posts apart with Beef Magazine recommending every 80-100 feet for electric fencing.

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The first step towards installing pasture fencing is to create the holes for the posts. These holes can be dug by hand or can be created with a post hole digger. The second step is to place the posts in the holes. Posts should be "placed four feet into the ground," according to Beef Magazine. The posts must be placed securely and firmly. A tractor-mounted post driver can help ensure posts are firmly and securely placed in the ground as well as cut down on the time it takes to place the posts.

The third and final step to install pasture fencing involves the actual electric wire. This is the most dangerous part of the process because the wire can easily cut workers when not handled properly. It can also be the most frustrating part of the process if the wire is installed by hand because it tends to tangle easily, according to Kencove Farm Fence. A crimping tool can be used to keep the wire taut and to avoid injury and tangles.

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