How Do You Install Hog Wire Fence Panels?

To install hog wire fence panels, staple the ends of hog wire to wooden posts or sandwich the panels between posts to hide the ends of the wire. Add wooden rails to the top and bottom of the panel, and set them in concrete.

For a long-lasting fence that doesn't sag, purchase heavy-gauge hog wire. Four-feet-high hog wire often comes in 16-foot panels divided into 8-foot sections. The ends of hog wire are sharp and must be concealed in the eventual fence structure in order to prevent injury.

Attach the horizontal ends of the hog wire to posts made of 4-by-4-inch pressure-treated Douglas fir. Use 2-by-4-inch pressure-treated fir or redwood for the rails at the top and bottom of the panel. For additional height and protection from grazing deer, add a 2-by-12-inch kick board at the bottom to make the fence 6 feet high. Set the posts in concrete.

Hog wire fences are relatively inexpensive to build and install, especially if you do the labor yourself. They are durable and strong, and create a sense of open space in yards by preserving the view beyond the fence. They provide effective protection from deer, dogs and other animals that may wander into yards and gardens. However, they do not provide protection against smaller animals that can climb.