How Do You Install Heavy Duty Bird Feeder Poles?


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To install a heavy-duty bird feeder pole, select an appropriate location and height, prepare the post, dig a hole, and level the post. When selecting a location and height for the bird feeder, consider the visibility from different windows of the home and different areas of the yard. Locations close to vegetation and other places to perch can encourage birds to congregate in the area.

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Five feet is a common height for viewing the feeder from ground, or you can choose a height of 12 feet to view it from the second story. If wildlife predators are a concern in your area, consider a taller post to protect visiting birds.

Plan to bury approximately 25 to 30 percent of the post, so purchase a post that is taller than the desired height, and remember the buried portion when cutting it to size. Sand off any rough edges, stain the post if you desire and seal it with a weather-resistant stain or varnish.

Dig a hole 20 inches in diameter to the depth necessary to bury 25 to 30 percent of the post. Place a flat stone in the hole, and position the post on top of it. Fill in the hole with slightly moistened soil, and tamp it down firmly with a shovel as you go. Use a carpenter’s level as you fill in the hole to ensure that the post is perpendicular to the ground.

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