How Do You Install an Electric Fence?

How Do You Install an Electric Fence?

To install an electric fence, determine the spacing and the number of wires required. Measure the appropriate height for the fence. Prepare enough brace corners to enable every corner of the electrical fence to be braced with a corner piece.

To build a fence of substantial size, have a good number of fence posts. Wood post or metal post can be used, but wood post tends to be available, durable and more effective. Choose an appropriate location where there is enough sunlight for the charger to continuously power the electric fence.

Select the wire needed for the installation. Set up the charger where it was cited, and then allocate the grounding posts at different positions. Use a slammer to set the grounding posts. Connect a grounding wire that connects from the charger to the ground terminal.

Mark a straight line with a string for the posts, and secure them in the ground firmly using a post hole digger. Reinforce the fence by setting up the brace at the corners and the gate. Install the insulators to keep the electricity in the wires and away from the posts. Mount the wires on the post using the connector clamps, and run them round until it is up to the required standard.

Test the effectiveness of the electric fence by putting on the charger. Ensure the electricity flows throughout the line by checking the readings on the voltmeter.