What Insect Species Display Black Coloration?


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Many species of insect display black coloration in their exoskeletons, but two prominent examples are the common cricket and scarab, or dung beetle. These insects both have black carapaces, or exoskeletons, and the color is primary for both species so that adults almost always show black or dark brown coloration.

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Crickets come in many varieties, but almost all species are primarily black as adults. They are small, fast-moving insects that communicate and court by rubbing their legs and wing cases together to produce a high-pitched chirping "music." Crickets breed quickly and lead short, hectic lives racing to find mates before dying of old age or succumbing to predation.

Scarabs are hearty beetles that live primarily in arid deserts and other dry environments, where they harvest moisture from morning dew and lay their eggs in balls of dung that they roll before them over the landscape. These dung balls can grow larger than the beetles, which propel them and serve as secure insulation for the developing eggs.

Both beetles and scarabs have shiny exoskeletons that reflect light and give them glossy appearances. This makes their black coloration all the more striking, though both species also boast more colorful members and can even appear in some cases in shining metallic colors.

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