What Ingredients Are in Fromm Dog Food?

What Ingredients Are in Fromm Dog Food?

Fromm uses real meat, fresh fruit and vegetables within its dog food. The company offers three categories of dog food: classic, gold and four-star. The four-star line includes oven-baked treats alongside gourmet meal options.

The beef and fish used are fed a grain-free diet. Real Wisconsin cheese and whole eggs are used in Fromm’s classic recipes. Fresh chicken, brown rice and oatmeal are used to supply dogs with the necessary protein and fiber. Additions that promote healthy digestion include flaxseed and probiotics. Lamb and duck expand this category’s meat offerings.

Fromm’s gold line aims to feed dogs from the puppy stage to old age. Salmon oil is commonly incorporated to maintain a dog’s healthy coat throughout development. L-carnitine is added in Fromm’s food geared towards weight management. L-carnitine changes fatty acids into useable energy needed for lean muscle growth.

The four-star line incorporates a wide range of greens such as spinach, broccoli, green beans and alfalfa sprouts. Cranberries and blueberries add sweetness to both dry kibbles and canned entrees. White potatoes and sweet potatoes provide hardiness. Fromm uses wild-caught seafood for its meal entrees, with options including salmon, whitefish and tuna.

The gourmet treats round off the four-star line with choices including chicken or turkey liver and Parmesan cheese.