What Are Some Ingredients in Blue Buffalo Dog Food?

Some of the ingredients found in Blue Buffalo dog foods are de-boned lean proteins such as chicken and turkey and starches or grains including potatoes, oatmeal and rice. Blue buffalo also claims to use fresh fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, peas, kelp and cranberries.

The ingredients of Blue Buffalo products depend on the individual mixes, most of which are tailored to specific breed sizes and animal ages. For example, the large breed puppy chicken recipe contains de-boned chicken and turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, blueberries, cranberries and carrots. Other dry food variations contain such diverse proteins as whitefish, salmon, bison, bacon and red meat, with animal bi-products always excluded.

Wet food varieties contain many of the same ingredients and come in dinner and stew varieties. The fish and sweet potato meal comes packed with whitefish, sweet potato, barley, carrots and berries. The hearty beef stew has carrots, peas, potatoes and a rich savory gravy. For those dogs with specialized diets, Blue Buffalo offers recipes aimed at animals with food intolerance, such as aversions to grain. In these cases, Blue Buffalo's grain-free options are produced without corn, wheat or soy as well as without any artificial colors, preservatives or flavor enhancers.