What Information Is on a Stud Service Agreement Form?


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A stud service agreement form contains the Kennel Club registration name and number of both the stud and bitch, breeds, date of birth, color, and microchip or tattoo numbers in sections one and two. Section three contains the details of both parties.

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Owner information includes the names, addresses and phone numbers of both parties.

Section four covers health and welfare of the dogs. The owner of the stud dog confirms that the dog is in good health and fertile. The stud dog’s owner does not give warranties regarding the birth of puppies from the match. This section also confirms that the stud dog has been tested for genetic conditions; tests should be listed with the results attached. The stud dog’s owner confirms that the bitch’s relevant health results have been received and reviewed.

Section five covers consideration for the stud service. This section includes the fee requested for stud services along with the date of service. Details such as choice of puppy are also included. If the bitch does not conceive, the stud dog owner can insert additional conditions in this section.

Section six of a stud contract includes a declaration by the bitch’s owner that the contract has been fully reviewed and understood. The stud dog’s owner confirms that the contract has been read and the information is accurate. Both party’s signatures and date are recorded.

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