What Is Some Information on the Shorkie Breed?


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Elle Di Jensen for The Nest explains that shorkies are a mixed breed between Yorkshire terriers and shih tzus. A shorkie weighs between 7 to 16 pounds when full grown. Their personalities are usually quite lively and determined. Interbreeding between different dog lineages helps to rule out several genetic health problems. This can reduce genetic weaknesses, so that shorkies experience less complications, although this cannot be guaranteed.

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Jensen notes that each puppy in a litter has the potential to turn out looking more like one breed or the other, and there is no way to predict how they might look until they are born. The same is true of their personalities, although the Yorki and shih tzu temperaments do tend to be quite similar. Both breeds are toy-sized, which means shorkie puppies are quite small when first adopted. Owners must therefore take extra precautionary measures to make sure that their new pet is brought home to a safe environment, where someone is able to watch over it at all times. The small size also requires that this breed space out their first visits to the vet for shots and vaccinations, as low body weights can limit the amount of medication that they are able to process at one time.

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