What Are Some Facts and Information About Rabbits?


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Rabbits are mammals, but they are not rodents, as some people believe. They are actually members of the Leporidae family and belong to the order Lagomorpha. There are about 50 species of rabbits. Unusually for mammals, female rabbits tend to be bigger than males.

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Rabbits can breed as many as three or four times a year and can quickly overwhelm a habitat if their populations aren't kept under control. Animals that prey on rabbits include birds of prey, foxes, feral dogs and cats, weasels and even types of ground squirrels. As for rabbits, they only eat vegetation.

The rabbit's habitat determines how big a litter is and whether the rabbit is solitary or social. Rabbits are found in deserts, mountains, forests and even in the Arctic circle. The Arctic hare is famous for the way its coat changes color over the seasons. In the summer, the coat is brownish or grayish, while in the winter it is pure white, with only the tips of the ears remaining black.

The differences between a hare and a rabbit are subtle. The muscles of rabbits have short fibers, while the muscles of hares have long fibers. This makes the rabbit better at attaining short bursts of speed, while hares are better for long-distance running. Hares are usually larger than rabbits as well.

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