What is some information about parrots suitable for children?


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Parrots that are a bit smaller, including Meyers Parrots, Pionus, Caiques, Macaws and Conures, tend to be more suitable for children. It’s a good idea to avoid parrots with larger beaks because they can have a strong bite.

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The Parrot Society recommends starting with smaller parrots for children. This is because smaller parrots are often less likely to intimidate small children. It’s also because smaller parrots tend to have beaks that are less of a threat to children due to their smaller size. The best parrot for a particular child often depends on both the parrot and the child. For example, if a particular child is not fond of loud noises, then it’s a good idea to get them a parrot known for being quieter, such as a Meyers Parrot.

Individual parrots can differ in temperament regarding what habitat they are used to as well. The descriptions on the cages of parrots often describe what sort of early life they have experienced. Parrots that were hand raised are often more used to human contact, so they could be better for being around children due to being calmer and showing less stress when children try to approach and interact with them.

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