What Is Some Information About the Mexican Gray Wolf?


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The Mexican gray wolf is also known as the Mexcian wolf or "El Lobo". It is the smallest of the five gray wolf subspecies. They are also the most endangered mammal in North America and currently reside in Arizona and New Mexico.

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What Is Some Information About the Mexican Gray Wolf?
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The Mexican gray wolf became endangered in 1976 after humans almost eliminated the species. Humans were trying to protect their livestock from the wolves, and used things like traps and poison to kill the wolves. Since then, there has been a lot of work done to preserve and grow the Mexican gray wolf population. The wolves travel in small packs of about five or six. Most Mexican wolves keep their same mating partner for life, although the whole pack helps with raising offspring.

Mating season is between January and early March, with pups being born in April or May. Four to six pups are born each time. The wolves grow to be anywhere from 60 to 80 pounds. They are carnivores and mainly eat deer, javelinas and rabbits. Their preferred habitat is above 4,000 feet in elevation and in caves or large burrows. These wolves are also very territorial, and define their territory by howling and marking spots with urine or feces.

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