What Is Some Information About Great Dane Puppies?


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The owner of a Great Dane puppy must make behavior training a priority because of how large the dog becomes. A Great Dane that has not been well trained as a puppy eventually becomes impossible to control as an adult.

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What Is Some Information About Great Dane Puppies?
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Great Danes grow very quickly, and as adults they are typically close to 100 pounds. Many people who adopt Great Danes as puppies are surprised to see how much larger they become as they age. Despite its large size, a Great Dane does not need a large house to live in, but it does need to have at least 30 minutes of outdoor activity each day. As a puppy it is energetic, but its rambunctious behavior decreases as it reaches adulthood.

Great Danes are commonly referred to as gentle giants. A Great Dane is friendly, good-natured and affectionate, and is a suitable choice for a family pet. It does well with children but must be watched carefully due to its large size. This dog loves to be around people and wants a lot of attention. Its enormous size is intimidating to new people and it needs to learn good manners, which is one reason why behavior training as a puppy must not be neglected.

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