What Is Some Information About Goblin Sharks?


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Goblin sharks live on or near the bottom of seamounts and continental slopes, as well as the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. The goblin shark has a long, slender head, snout and teeth, large parabola-shaped mouth, five short gill openings, tiny eyes and flabby body. It rarely appears along shores or in shallow waters. People have reported sightings near south of Pascagoula, Mississippi, in the northern Gulf of Mexico, and near San Clemente Island off the California coast.

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Goblin sharks have bluish fins, pinkish-white bodies and body characteristics that indicate they are slow-moving fish with a density similar to seawater. Mature female goblins range from about 11 to 12 feet long. Mature males range from about 8.7 to 12.6 feet long and weigh as much as 463 pounds. Shrimps, fish, pelagic octopus and squid are likely part of the goblin sharks' diet, because it has narrow, slender teeth, and its back teeth can crush prey easily.

Human contact with the goblin shark is rare. Shark sightings have occurred in 311 feet of shallow water and in water 4265 feet deep. A specimen of the shark survived about one week in captivity in an aquarium at Tokai University in Japan. The international conservation community does not consider the fish as an endangered or vulnerable species, although it is among the rare species of sharks.

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