What Is Some Information About a German Shepherd Collie Mix?


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German shepherd collie mixes are commonly referred to as "Shollies," and they are known for being energetic, affectionate, playful and intelligent. These animals require a lot of exercise and are easily trained, as they are often used as herding dogs, show dogs and watchdogs.

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Shollies can be a number of different colors, including black, tan, brown, cream, white and yellow. Their fur is usually short or medium, but they require periodic brushing as they shed a moderate amount. Fully grown Shollies are typically somewhere between 70 and 80 pounds, and they have a life expectancy of up to 15 years, according to Pet Breeds.

Shollies are a mix breed from two dog breeds that were historically used as work dogs. For this reason, shollies are very intelligent and are able to be trained using fewer repetitions that most dog breeds. Whether it be just for simple obedience, or for use as a herding or watchdog, these animals are energetic and want to please their owners. Taking this animal to parks for exercise and for socializing are a good idea, as they are dogs that love interaction and need exercise to maintain their fitness, according to Pet Breeds. Shollies should be fed between 3 and 4 full cups of dried dog food that is rich in nutrients per day.

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