How Do You Find Inexpensive Yorkie Puppies?


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The best way to find inexpensive Yorkie puppies is to contact a Yorkshire terrier rescue group because rescue groups often have purebred or mixed Yorkie puppies available at lower prices. Purebred Yorkies can be expensive, and by adopting through a rescue group, owners can not only pay less for their puppy, they also save a puppy's life.

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Some well-known Yorkshire terrier rescue groups are the Save a Yorkie Rescue, the Yorkshire Terrrer Club of America and the North Shore Animal League, which is the world's largest no-kill shelter. Shelters and rescue groups tend to have more adult dogs than puppies so it would be wise for prospective owners to contact several shelters and ask to be kept on a waiting list for a puppy. The costs vary by shelter but are typically less expensive than purchasing through a Yorkshire terrier breeder or through a pet store selling Yorkies.

Another option for finding Yorkshire terrier puppies is to search through the hundreds of dog shelters in the United States via Adopt a Pet or Petfinder. These sites make it easy to search by breed and by age. Prospective owners can also search by gender and by location.

It is estimated that approximately 30 percent of dogs in shelters are purebred. When adopting through a standard dog shelter or Yorkshire terrier rescue group, it is important that prospective owners have a veterinarian examine the dog to ensure that the dog is healthy.

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