What Is the Indigenous Habitat for the Little Blue Heron?


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The indigenous habitat for the little blue heron is the freshwater swamps, coastal islands and lagoons throughout the United States, including New Mexico, Southern California, the region from the Gulf Coast to Illinois and the region from New England to Florida. The little blue heron also is found in tropical water regions and migrates for breeding purposes.

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In its habitat, the little blue heron feeds on fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects and crustaceans. The bird is not picky and any food that it can find, it will snatch and eat. The little blue heron hunts by waiting in the water until prey comes close enough to snatch with its long bill.

The little blue heron is known as a "little" heron because it has a wingspan of approximately 40 inches and is only 24 inches tall. The bird comes in dark blue and purple colors, but it has a gray bill with a black edge. It also tends to have lighter colored legs.

The birds reproduce through a courtship process that involves the male demonstrating its sexual prowess through stretching out its long neck and then crouching down near the floor. The male may also push its bill upward or downward. The male will also vocalize in hopes of drawing attention to the females who will come over, albeit often aggressively, to let the male know whether or not they are interested.

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