What Are Some Indicators of a Deaf Cat?


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Unresponsiveness in the presence of noises signals that a cat is going deaf. The cat may also rely on other senses, such as touch or vision, to detect movement. Shaking the head is another indicator of deafness.

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A deaf cat may not awaken when loud noises occur. Not responding to squeaky toys is another red flag. The cat may not respond to his name when called. Felines that are losing their hearing also tend to meow loudly.

A cat may be going deaf if he is startled upon being touched. Cats that are experiencing deafness may also focus on air currents and vibrations. Deaf felines may rely on their vision by focusing on owners and other animals more closely.

Head shaking indicates that the animal has an infection or mites. Discharge and pus from the ears is another result of infection, and there may be a foul odor coming from the ears. Scaly or pinkish ears signify some type of infection. Dizziness is another visible sign that a cat is going deaf. Sharper eyes may also mean deafness.

Infections fall under the category of conduction deafness, which may be treatable through surgery or medication. Inflammation treatment may help sound waves reach the nerves for proper hearing. Hearing aids are another possibility, but this only pertains to certain cases. Congenital deafness pertains to nerve damage, and it is irreversible.

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