How Do You Increase Appetite in Dogs?

increase-appetite-dogs Credit: Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images

Increase your dog's appetite by switching dog food brands, holding back treats, increasing regular exercise and placing the dog bowl where the dog will not be distracted. Discuss the problem with a veterinarian in cases of long-term eating problems or illness.

  1. Switch dog food brands

    Switch brands slowly over several days to avoid stomach problems. Add new food to the old,and gradually increase the new food. Check expiration dates, and store the food in a sealed container in a dry place to maintain freshness.

  2. Stop feeding between meals

    Dogs eat less when they get treats between meals and the extra attention it involves. Stir canned food into dry dog food, increasing the amount gradually, and add treats to the bowl if desired. Make the food appetizing by adding warm broth or water.

  3. Exercise the dog

    Exercise and play increase appetite. Walk dogs before meals to ensure food is associated with the pleasant experience of exercise or play.

  4. Avoid distractions

    Ensure dog focus on their meals by placing the bowl away from distractions and other family pets. Place the bowl on the floor and leave the room, giving the dog 30 minutes to eat, then remove the bowl. This teaches the dog to eat when food is available.