What Is Included in an Artificial Insemination Kit for Dogs?


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An artificial insemination kit for dogs generally includes a semen collection sheath, a lubricant, an insemination rod, a plastic syringe and an instruction sheet. The size of the breed to be inseminated determines the size these items, according to PedEducation.com.

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Artificial insemination is an effective tool for breeding dogs because it eliminates time, location and even the life span of the donor male as obstacles, according to PetEducation.com. A knowledgeable private breeder is able to perform collection and insemination without the presence of a veterinarian. However, it is useful for a veterinary lab to evaluate the donor dog's semen for viability.

The tools in the kit allow for collection of the semen from a stud male and injection into a female that is in heat. A breeder is able to use the collected sample immediately if the female is present. If she is not present, the sample is frozen for later use or chilled for overnight shipping to another location.

Fresh and frozen semen have an equal success rate when the breeder performs collection and insemination of viable semen properly, according to the American Kennel Club. It is important for the breeder to have some knowledge of the timing of insemination and of the female's ovulatory pattern. Private breeders must take special care to not breed dogs with illness or with a vicious nature.

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