What Is Included on AKC Registration Forms?

The American Kennel Club registration form that is filled out by a litter owner includes the sex of the dog, its color and markings, the registration type (either full or limited), and the transfer date. Additionally, the form requires the name and address of the new owner and any co-owners, as well as the signatures of all parties.

The new owner of the dog must also fill out a registration form with information that includes the dog’s name, payment information, registration options, and the signatures of all co-owners. The registration is then sent to the American Kennel Club for processing, a procedure that can result in delays if the form is not filled out correctly. The AKC responds by mailing an AKC Registration Certificate in about three weeks. Upon receiving the certificate, the dog’s new owner should examine it carefully to make sure that all the information is accurate and recorded correctly. If there are errors, the owner should report them to the AKC.

A dog is eligible for AKC registration only after its litter has been registered. Site visitors to AKC.org can access an application and find out more about the registration process. AKC.org also provides a link to registering a dog online. One benefit of registering with the AKC is that it enables a dog be eligible to earn an AKC title, such as Canine Good Citizen. As of 2016, AKC registration also provides a complimentary 60-day trial of AKC Pet Insurance for puppies that are newly registered, as well as a certificate for a complimentary first visit to the vet.